Specialty work.

Finishtrade LTD, specializing in suspended ceilings and soundproofing for industrial and office spaces.


Finishtrade LTD will work to your schedule, both day time, evening and night work if required, anywhere in the country.

Finishtrade LTD work on a wide range of projects, so although most people hire us to complete our specialist work, we will also work on most other projects that your business may need. Previous jobs have included work such as, scraping and re-painting factory windows, fitting bulkheads, small factory jobs that you may have, along side our normal specialized work.

Finishtrade LTD work to an exceptional high standards and are recognized for our quality of work. We travel across the country to business’s, from lands end to John a groats.

To get in touch for a free quote, or to discuss your specific project needs, please head to our contact page.